Beyond Green Plant-Based Cat Litter Bags, Regular, 100 Bags

Beyond Green Biotech

  • $25.99

"Did you know that beyondGREEN biotech, Inc. was the first company to ever launch cat litter pick-up bags made from biopolymers in the United States? Our cat litter pick-up bags are made from biopolymers certified by the highest American and European standards for compostability and are made by us here in the United States! We are not a reseller of goods and we do not import our products from overseas! We manufacture 100% of all our cat litter bags in the United States!"

Regular Cat Litter Bags are 8 inches in width with two 2.5 inch gussets making the total opening of the bag 13 inches. The height of this bag is 16 inches which includes the handles as well.

SKU: 1996299849